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Joining St Aloysius' College

In St. Al’s, we look for students who are enthusiastic, have a desire to engage in the learning process, and who will immerse themselves fully in school life; taking part in extra-curricular activities, supporting the school’s ethos, and becoming an active member of the school community. We are concerned much more with the potential of each individual girl’s gifts and passions than any achievements to date.

All girls wishing to join St Al’s must undertake our entrance assessments, these assessments are age appropriate and designed to assist us in understanding the educational needs of each of our students, we endeavour to ensure that the process is as friendly and reassuring as possible.

Places are offered based on a variety of equally important criteria, our full admissions policy can be viewed below.

If you are interested in enrolling in St. Aloysius’ College, you can fill out our Online Expressions of Interest here:

St. Aloysius College Admissions Policy

(Revised September 2019)

1.1. This Admissions Policy statement has been devised and published by the
Board of Management of Saint Aloysius’ College (‘the College’) following collaboration and consultation with the following partners and interested parties:
– the Trustees of the College
– the teaching staff of the College
– the Parents’ Association of the College
– the Students’ Council of the College.
1.2. This policy statement was ratified by the Board of Management on 18th December 2003 and amended on 23rd September 2019, it replaces all previous Admissions policies.

“Our mission is that this school community, both in its teaching and environment, affirms the uniqueness and fosters the potential of each individual.”

3.1 Saint Aloysius’ College is a voluntary Catholic college under the trusteeship of the Poor Servants of the Mother of God and seeks to promote the religious values and beliefs of that Order.
3.2 The college endeavours to meet the educational needs of its pupils and recognizes that each pupil who enrolls is unique and has different aptitudes and different needs.
3.3 Recognising that the college community consists of the parents/guardians, the trustees, the Board of Management, teachers, and non-teaching staff as well as the students, the College aims to promote an environment which enhances the self-esteem, personal development and talents of all its members, recognising each person’s unique contribution to the college community.

4.1 The college operates within the context of:
4.1.1 – the Religious and educational\philosophy of the Poor Servants of the
Mother of God, and the rights of that Congregation as Trustees as set out in
the Education Act 1998.4 9
4.1.2- the Department of Education and Science regulations and programmes;
4.2 The school supports the principles of:
4.2.1 – Inclusiveness and partnership;
4.2.2 – Transparency;
4.2.3 – Equality
4.2.4 – Parental choice in relation to enrolments;
4.2.5 – Diversity
4.3 The primary aims of the College community are:

4.3.1 The holistic development of the students. Within the curriculum, programmes and activities are designed to foster the intellectual, religious, moral, physical and social education and formation of the students.

4.3.2 The development and enhancement of students’ self-confidence and general life skills and attitudes, enabling them to lead lives that are satisfying to themselves and socially productive, and enabling them to cope with continuing change in society.

4.3.3 The promotion of the ethos of the College
4.4 The Board of Management of Saint Aloysius’ College is committed to the successful implementation of all relevant legislation, particularly,
4.4.1 the Education Act 1998,
4.4.2 the Education (Welfare) Act 2000,
4.4.3 the Equal Status Act 2000.
4.4.4 the Safety Health and Welfare at work Act 1989
4.5 No member of the school community will be discriminated against on grounds of age (except as outlined in section 6.6 below), race, culture, religion, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, membership of the traveler community, physical or intellectual disability or special educational needs. (See Section 7.3 and 7.4 of the Equal Status Act 2000)
4.6 The enrolment of a student must not constitute a threat to the health and/ or safety of students of the college or its staff. An independent expert will be appointed by the Board of Management to advise.
4.7 The college’s educational programmes and the operation of the facilities are, subject to adequate resources and staffing allocations being made available by the Department of Education and Science.
4.8 The implementation of the School Plan and policies are subject to adequate resources and staffing allocations being made available by the Department of Education and Science.
4.9 The college operates within the regulations laid down from time to time by the Department of Education and Science.
4.10 The college follows the curricular programmes prescribed by the Department of Education and Science, which may be amended from time to time in accordance with Sections 9 and 30 of the Education Act 1998.

5.1 Saint Aloysius’ College is a voluntary catholic secondary college under the trusteeship of the Poor Servants of the Mother of God.
5.2 It is a grant-aided college that caters for girls only.
5.3 The college is managed by a Board of Management which is comprised of eight members who are appointed as follows: four (4) representatives of the Trustees; two (2) representatives of the teachers; two (2) representatives of the parents of students attending the college.
5.4 The members of the current Board of Management are as follows: Mr Pat Hurley, Chairperson, Sr Margaret Herlihy SMG, Mr Bertie Óg Murphy, Mrs Margaret Griffin, Ms Eileen Martin,  Ms Aileen Brosnan, Ms Toni Casey and Mr Al Fogarty.

5.5 The senior management of the college is comprised of: Mr. Seán Twomey, Principal, Ms. Eileen Collins & Ms. Sharon Holland, Deputy Principals.
5.6 A Parents’ Association operates within the college in co-operation with the Board of Management.
5.7 A Students’ Council operates within the college under the direction of the Board of Management.
5.8 The teaching staff which is employed to service the curriculum is currently comprised of 47 teachers and may vary from time to time.
5.9 The programmes, subjects, pastoral and other services and extra-curricular activities on offer at the college are set out in detail in the prospectus which is available at the college office.
5.10 Students are invited to share fully in the promotion of the college’s ethos by becoming involved in some of the many and varied extra-curricular activities on offer at the college.
5.11 The Department of Education and Science publishes a school calendar annually. The College then formulates a calendar in compliance with the Department guidelines and in consultation with neighbouring schools. The calendar is approved by the Board of Management.3
5.12 The current daily teaching hours are from 8.45am to 3.45pm.on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays; from 8.45am to 1.00pm on Wednesdays, and from 8.45am to 3.30pm on Fridays.
5.13 Supervision of students extends for 15 minutes before classes commence and for 15 minutes after classes end, except in the case of college-sponsored activities or courses.
5.14 The College authorities are committed to the safety and well-being of all those who study and work in the college’s environs, and it is expected of students that they will observe safety regulations and guidelines at all times.
5.15 The college requests an annual voluntary contribution from students to cover extra costs incurred by the college in the provision of numerous services including subsidising excursions, printing and photocopying of class materials for the convenience of the students.

5.16 The college may from time to time supplement its operating income by means of fund-raising activities that are approved by the Board of Management.
5.17 The number of staff employed, the programmes and services on offer and the1 extra-curricular activities available to students at the college will change or vary from time to time. When appropriate and whenever possible, parents and students are notified of changes in reasonable time.

6.1 Expressions of Interest for enrolment will be available online at any time from the school website or college office. 

6.1 a Expressions of Interest will require the following information:

    • Year of Entry to 1st Year
    • Name of the Student
    • Current Primary School
    • Home Address
    • Contact Telephone Number
    • Sister of Current/ Graduated Student
    • Daughter of Past-Pupil
  • 1st Choice of Secondary School

6.2 An Open Information Night for parents of prospective students may be held at a date and time to be decided by the Board of Management, and will be advertised.

6.3 In the event of more applications than places available a lottery system, under the supervision of a Peace Commissioner, using the criterion set out in Section 7 will take place. From this offers of placement will be made and a waiting list operated. 

6.4 . Following offers of placement students and parents will be asked to fill out an Enrolment Application Form. The closing date for receipt of applications for enrolment will be decided each year by the Board of Management and will be advertised in advance. Enrolment will not be completed until this form and attached data is returned to the school office by the specified date. If forms are not returned places will be allocated from the waiting list.

6.5 Information and details regarding enrolment procedures will be circulated each year to Principals and Secretaries of Boards of Management of Primary schools from which students have traditionally transferred to Saint Aloysius’ College, and any new schools which may open in the area and will also be available from the College office.

6.6 The Principal, and /or other teacher(s), as appropriate, will be available by prior appointment to meet parents who may wish to discuss the enrolment process, and/or to answer questions regarding the enrolment of a student.
6.7 It is a requirement of the Department of Education and Science that secondary students must be twelve (12) years of age on the 1st of January in the calendar year following their entry to first year.
6.8 When enrolling, all applicants are required to satisfy all the criteria for enrolment as set out by the Board of Management.
6.9 All student enrolments are subject to the approval of the Board of Management. The following details about the applicant for enrolment will be required on the Enrolment Application form (form 1):
6.9.a Name (as on Long Birth Certificate); PPS no; address; telephone number;
6.9.2 Date of birth;
6.9.3 Parents’/guardians’ names, address(es); telephone numbers;
6.9.4 Primary school;
6.9.5 Names of sisters who are currently attending or who formerly attended
the college,
6.9.6 Name of mother if a past pupil of the college, and dates during which she attended,
6.9.7 The parish in which the applicant resides,
6.9.8 The number of brothers and sisters in the family, and the applicants place in the family,
6.9.9 Subject exemptions; special educational needs;
6.9.10 Religion
6.10 The following extra details about the applicant will be required when the student has been offered and has accepted a place in the College:
6.10.1 Nationality,
6.10.2 Parents’/guardians’ occupations,
6.10.3 Details about medical conditions or requirements; contact number for
family doctor;
6.10.4 A recent class report from primary school,
6.10.5 Primary language spoken,
6.10.6 Photographs (passport size).
6.11 The Board may decide from time to time to seek other relevant information about a prospective student.
6.12 The Principal or other teacher(s) may request a meeting with a student and her parents / guardians as part of the enrolment process.

6.13 The college authorities endeavour to provide an ordered learning environment which fosters discipline and respect. Acceptance of a place in the college is deemed to be an acceptance of the ethos, educational aims, code of conduct, policies for the time being and disciplinary code of the college.

6.14 Parents and student applicants will be required to sign a declaration stating that they have read and that that they endorse the ethos, educational aims and policies of the College and that they accept the terms of the college’s Code of Conduct and Rules.

6.15 An application form for enrolment is attached herewith.
6.16 An orientation process is organised for incoming First Year students.

7.1 All applications for enrolment will require the approval of the Board of Management prior to the admission of students to the college.
7.2 All applicants for enrolment will be notified of the result of their applications as soon as possible after the closing date for applications but not later than twenty-one (21) days after the closing date.
7.3 To ensure a place in the college, parents/guardians must notify the college of their acceptance of the place within fourteen (14) days of the offer of a place
having been made.

7.4 The Board of Management may set a maximum limit on the number of places available in the college in any given year. The Board will set such limits based on the availability of resources, facilities and staff, and bearing in mind that certain maximum class sizes will pertain in certain subjects. 

‘ In view of the designation of Carrigtwohill as a Satellite Town in the 2003 Cork County Development Plan and in view of the number of houses in respect of which Planning Permission has been granted, the Board deems it necessary to reserve accommodation in the College for candidates (hereinafter called “New Residents”) who satisfy the Board that their family unit (with which that candidate has normally resided) has moved as a full time resident to Carrigtwohill after the closing date for Enrolment.

The Board has set two as the number of places to be reserved for New Residents.

If the number of places reserved for New Residents are not filled by applicants qualifying as New Residents, on May 30th, prior to the start of the new school year; the remaining places will be allocated in order to applicants remaining on the waiting list.

In the event of an excess of applications over the number of places available for New Residents, qualifying applicants will be accepted on a lottery basis”.

This resolution was amended by the Board of Management on Feb. 9th 2011.

7.5 The College may establish a “Prospective Enrolment List” on which parents / guardians may place the names of their daughters whom they wish to be considered for enrolment at the college at some time in the future.
7.6 The College may establish a “Waiting List” on which would be placed the names of applicants from a particular category who were not successful in getting a place in the college at enrolment time in any given year. Each “Waiting List” would serve for one enrolment occasion only, and a new list would be established each year.
7.7 It is understood that the placement of a student’s name on a “Prospective Enrolment List” or on a “Waiting List” does not guarantee a place in the college.
7.8: By direction of the Board, up to five (5) places may be allocated to students at the discretion of the SMG sisters.
7.9 In the event of an excess of applicants for a limited number of places, consideration will be given to applicants on the basis of the priorities listed below. If, when any particular one of the categories below is reached, the full quota of places would be exceeded if all qualified applicants within that category were accepted, the final places will be filled by means of a lottery involving
all the qualified applications within that category. Such lottery will be carried out under the direction of the Board of Management. The remaining applications in that category will be placed on a “Waiting List”. Applications in the next category will not be considered until all qualified applicants on the “Waiting List” of the preceding category have been accommodated.

The prioritised categories are:

7.9.1 The five places as described above (sect 7.8).

7.9.2 Daughters of staff of the college.

7.9.3 Sisters of students currently enrolled or have graduated from St. Aloysius’ College only. 

7.9.4 Girls attending the sister school of the Order, Scoil Clochair Mhuire, Carrigtwohill.

7.9.5 Girls residing in the Parish of Carrigtwohill not included above.

7.9.6 Daughters of past pupils.

7.9.7 Girls attending other nominated feeder primary schools as per list attached.

7.9.8 Girls who are the oldest girl in a family not included above.

7.9.9 Girls who have indicated on the Expression of Interest Form that St. Aloysius’ College is their first school choice for secondary school, will be ranked higher when filling places allocated as above. 

7.9.10 All other applicants.

7.11 The college will assess the academic standards of all those accepted.
This assessment will not be used as a criterion for the exclusion of any student from the college. Applicants and their primary school teachers will be
informed of the date of the assessment and the type of assessment that will be given.

8.1 The Board of Management welcomes students with special educational needs who fulfil the regular enrolment requirements.
8.2 To ascertain the ability of the college to cater for the needs of such a student and to become familiar with her needs, it will be necessary for the college to access the student’s records and individual educational programme from the primary or other school well in advance of her entry to Saint Aloysius’ College.
8.3 The College will also require parental/legal guardian permission for access to any relevant medical or psychological reports.
8.4 In the absence of such reports, the college will require parental/legal guardian permission to request a National Educational Psychological Services (NEPS) assessment or similar psychological assessment. The purpose of this assessment will be to assist the college in establishing the educational needs of the applicant.54
8.5 Saint Aloysius’ College, in co-operation with the NEPS or other relevant authority, will inform the Department of Education and Science of whatever resources, equipment or personnel that will be required to cater for the special needs of the applicant.
8.6 The Principal and/or relevant teacher will, as soon as possible, arrange to meet with the parents/legal guardians of the student to discuss the student’s needs and the college’s capacity to meet those needs.
8.7 The College recognises the need for liaison and co-operation between Saint Aloysius’ College and the teachers in the primary schools as well as with the parents/legal guardians of students with special needs, and will, subject to the availability of adequate resources endeavour to facilitate the process of transition of such students from primary to post-primary education.

8.8 “The school reserves the right to refuse enrolment to any student in exceptional cases. Such exceptional cases include the following:

1. The student has special educational need such that, even with additional resources available from the Department of Education and Science, the school cannot meet such needs and/or provide the student with an appropriate education. OR
2. In the opinion of the Board of Management, the student poses an unacceptable risk to other students, to the school staff, or to school property.”

9.1 Saint Aloysius’ College may enroll a student in the college during the school year subject to the following conditions:
9.1.1 The terms of the college’s Admissions Policy will apply,
9.1.2 The college will seek information and/or reports from the student’s former/current school regarding the applicants record in such areas as attendance, disabilities, special needs, and any other matters relating to the student’s educational progress and deportment as the college management may consider appropriate.
9.1.3 The college reserves the right to question the suitability of a transfer
during the school year in the best interest of the student.
9.1.4 Consideration will be given to such matters as the consequences of a mid-year transfer on the student’s academic and all round progress.
9.2 The college will take due account of:
9.2.1 the availability of space in the college;
9.2.2 the suitability of the subjects taught and the levels at which they are
taught; and
9.2.3 the subject options available to the student.
9.3 It is understood that it may not be possible to provide all the subject options
or levels that the transfer applicant has had in her current/previous school,
and that Saint Aloysius’ College does not guarantee a place in any subject or
course to a student who transfers during the school year or during the progress
of a programme.
9.4 The college may consult the Educational Welfare Officer concerning an applicant.55

The Board of Management of Saint Aloysius College reserves the right to refuse an application for admission to the college in certain circumstances.

11.1 Under Section 29 of the Education Act 1998, parents / guardians of students, or students over the age of 18 years, who have been refused admission to the college, have the right to appeal such a refusal by the Board of Management to the Secretary General of the Department of Education and Science.

11.2 Appeals must be lodged within 42 days of having been informed of such refusal.

12.1 The Board of Management of Saint Aloysius’ College will review this policy from time to time as appropriate, but in any case at the commencement of each new Board of Management, in consultation with the relevant partners.

12.2 The Board may, subject to relevant legislation, and subject to Department of Education and Science regulations, alter or amend any section of the Policy as appropriate.