Use the portal links below to access specific sections within the school. VSWare is our school administration platform, this allows teachers and parents the ability to monitor and improve the progress of students. Our Stand up for Safety tool allows students and parents to report student welfare issues.

A Le Chéile Trust School

In St. Al’s, we believe that an honest and jointly supportive relationship with parents is vital to the wellbeing and academic success of our students. In addition to our normal reporting process, in exam years specific feedback is provided after Mock Exams to allow students to know exactly where to focus on to improve. We encourage a culture of open and regular communication between parents and staff and strongly believe in the old African proverb that ‘it takes a village to raise a child.’ Therefore we encourage all our parents to ask our students about their progress and to become directly involved in their learning.

As a parent your first and main point of contact is the Year Head, who has oversight of the academic and pastoral wellbeing of all the girls in any year group. The Year Head can then liaise with the relevant members of staff on your behalf. We always encourage parents to contact us with any concern, however small, and we are always available for face-to-face meetings.

Every girl’s academic progress (alongside her pastoral wellbeing) is tracked and monitored by her teachers and her Year Head.  This is supported by methods such as baseline tests and data analysis, but at its heart is the personal relationship of support and understanding between every girl and her teacher and Year Head.

In First Year, girls are assigned a mentor from TY to aid their settling into the school.

In Sixth Year,  girls are assigned a staff member as mentor to aid their academic focus. This system greatly increases the ability of every teacher to help students with their learning and with exam focus and higher education targets.

If you are particularly concern, the College Chaplain, Guidance Counsellor and Deputy Principals and Principal are also available to provide support and focus.