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A Le Chéile Trust School
Enriching - Clubs & Societies

The list of lunchtime and after-school activities on offer to St. Al’s students of all ages is extensive. The girls relish this opportunity for enrichment, and the weekly meetings of clubs and societies provide a forum for them to challenge themselves creatively, intellectually and practically.

Through shared experiences, lectures, discussion groups and activities, girls can extend their knowledge in unfamiliar areas and learn new skills. They might be found in discussion regarding books in the Library Club  or debating major events in the Historical Society, or even developing their Public Speaking skills in the various Debate Teams.

A range of activities is also put on for students after school on Wednesdays, be it Zumba Fitness, Guitar Playing or Drama. Students can also be found engaging in their creative side with the Make-and Bake Group.  Many a lifelong interest has been sparked by St. Al’s girls’ energetic participation in a myriad of different activities.

Students may also meet to develop plans to strive to achieve a Gáisce Award.

There is lots to do but we are always curious in hearing about students interests also.