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A Le Chéile Trust School
Enriching - Our House System

Promoting Unity, Responsibility and Leadership

The ideology behind our House System is to enhance the sense of community and belonging within the College. The system helps bond students of all ages and different geographic areas  (a result of our large number of feeder schools). Our House System allows our students to achieve more togetherness and unity as a student body and to experience more successes as individuals and in groups. This in turn, helps to make them mature into responsible St. Al’s girls proud of themselves, of each other and of their school.

Every student in St. Al’s is affiliated to a particular house. We have 6 houses within the college, all of which are named after strong and influential women.
These are:
House Malala (after Malala Yousafzai)
House Markievicz (after Countess Markievicz)
House Parks (after Rosa Parks)                  
House Robinson (after Mary Robinson)
House Sonia (after Sonia O’Sullivan)        
House Teresa (after Mother Teresa)
  • Each student receives a House badge in their house colour, which also contains the school crest.
  • Each house has 4 House Captains.  2 girls from from TY and another 2 Senior House Captains from 6th year.
  • Each student in each House strives to collect merits to add to their House total. Merits are distributed by all college staff to students for commitment, academic progress, showing positive behaviour and for actions that support our school ethos.
  • Each house has 3 House Teachers who oversee the various events during the year.

The advantages our House System provides are that it:

  • Creates a natural community spirit amongst the student body as a whole
  • Encourages student responsibility and self-management
  • It develops a whole school approach to rewards for and celebrations of achievement
  • Offers greater personalisation of our care, guidance and support of pupils
  • Provides a competitive framework for events e.g Sports Day
  • Each house provides leadership opportunities

House Activities include:

  • The House Activity Day at the end of September.
  • The House lunches in October/November.
  • Our House Sports Day in May which is a fun-filled day of activity.
  • Seachtain na Gaeilge Competitions
  • Other events include helping out with the Bag packs during the year which are organised by the Parents Association.

Each event allows students to add points to their House, at the end of the year the winning house receives the House Cup.