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A Le Chéile Trust School
Enriching - Music & Drama

There is a long tradition of Music within St. Aloysius’ College, our musical performances have existed as long as the school has stood. Although it is a long time since singing echoed throughout the girls’ dormitories, still music lives and breathes amongst the corridors and classrooms. For over 50 years the school has held an annual musical and our Christmas Carol Service is almost as long standing.

Ms Lorena Gillard and Ms Ellen O’Keeffe, a St. Al’s alumnae, take great pride in creating opportunities for each girl to thrive, be it in vocal or instrumental performance. They cater as much for students who join us having never learned an instrument or sung in a choir as they do for those who join us with Grade 8 in one or more instruments.

Indeed their are no less than 5 active choirs within the school at any one time and we even have a choral group made up of past pupils! The department collaborates with the Drama department to put on our annual TY musical. We also participate in numerous choral competitions.