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Enriching - Tours

'The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.'

– Saint Augustine.

St. Aloysius’ College recognises and values that exposure to a variety of experiences and cultures is part of a rounded, holistic education. School tours and trips have formed part of the schools curriculum delivery for many years. Many subjects require that students participate in field studies, business visits, retreats and recreational activities etc. which take place off the school campus.

We believe every trip beyond the school gate has to provide an educational rationale to proceed, whether it relates to subject specific events such historical sites or geographical sights.  We recognise that often such excursions assist in building positive relationships and bonding between students, as well as providing teachers with an opportunity to get to know their students in a non-school environment.

St. Aloysius’ College believes in providing  a balanced programme of outings and trips for the school year that does not prove too costly to parents and does not overburden the school timetable. It is endeavoured to provide notice well in advance.

All educational trips are consistent with the rationale as specified by the DES in Circular Letter M20/04 and every effort is made to satisfy all the criteria contained in this circular.

School trips and educational visits are powerful, positive teaching tools that help enhance the social, personal and emotional development of St. Al’s girls. Extra stimulation in new environments can help teach life skills, build on social skills and improve independence and self- confidence.


The reality is hands-on learning activities outside the classroom can often lead to better achievement, standards, motivation, personal development and behaviour. This learning outside the classrooms of Carrig is rewarding and enriching for both teachers and pupils alike. Discovering new places such as museums, galleries, law courts and churches undoubtedly adds extra depth to our students’ learning experiences.