While academic study and the pursuit of excellent examination results are important, the benefits which stem from a broad and balanced education are immeasurable.  Our programme of extra-curricular activities is wide and varied.

There are two activity periods each day, one during lunch and the other at the end of the school day.  This gives all girls the opportunity to pursue a range of interests and enthusiasms, including sport, the arts and academic enrichment.

We organise the activities to maximise the opportunity for each girl to take part in a range across the week and the school year.

At the beginning of each academic year we hold a Sports & Activities Fair.  Every activity has a stall where girls can find out more about what they will be doing and what is expected.   They sign up the following week and their chosen activities are added to their timetable.  Tutors have an overview of each of their tutee’s programme’s and will encourage and guide each girl to explore her potential.


One of the qualities we wish to develop in our girls is commitment and extra-curricular activities are part of this.  Once girls have signed up to an activity it is expected that they will continue with it for at least half the academic year.