Use the portal links below to access specific sections within the school. VSWare is our school administration platform, this allows teachers and parents the ability to monitor and improve the progress of students. Our Stand up for Safety tool allows students and parents to report student welfare issues.

A Le Chéile Trust School
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St Aloysius’ College is a Catholic post primary school offering quality education in a Christian environment to families who wish their daughters to be educated in the atmosphere of faith.

Our objective is to make the school community a happy one. Each pupil is encouraged to respect the dignity of the other person. Collaboration and co-operation is encouraged between pupils, teachers and parents which creates a partnership where personal growth and education can take place. Pupils are encouraged to recognise, develop and use their gifts and creativity in the service of others.

We promote Christian values and aim to develop the uniqueness of the individual pupil in an atmosphere which is both academically challenging yet sensitive to the pupil’s particular needs. Healthy competition is encouraged throughout the school, but consideration for others is equally as important. This follows the teachings of the SMG foundress, Venerable Mother Magdalen Taylor (1832-1900). To find out more: http://www.poorservants.org

Mission Statement

This school community, both in its teaching and environment, affirms the uniqueness and fosters the potential of each individual

  • Within St. Aloysius’ College, we are a Catholic school while respecting and welcoming those with other beliefs
  • Our school exists to meet the educational needs of its students and recognises that each student who enrols is unique and has different gifts as well as different needs
  • We see ourselves as working in partnership with parents / guardians to provide an ordered learning environment which fosters discipline and respect for authority
  • Within the curriculum activities are designed to aid in the holistic development of the student, so that students leave us with enhanced self-confidence and with the life skills and attitudes, which will enable them to lead lives satisfying to themselves, contribute to the betterment of society, and also help them to cope effectively with the continuing change in society
  • We encourage student involvement in activities that allow them to share fully in promoting the college s basic philosophy
  • We recognise that the school community consists also of parents/ guardians, teachers and non-teaching staff. Therefore we aim to promote an environment, which enhances the self-esteem, personal development and talents of all its members, recognising every ones unique contribution to the school team.

In 2009, the school joined the Le Chéile Schools Trust. To find out more: http://www.lecheiletrust.ie