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Multi-sport Scoreboard for Glenmary Sportshall – Ms. Edel Maher

All students partaking in organised sports would greatly benefit from the acquisition of the above mentioned scoreboard.

Our Students

Glenmary is a fantastic facility for the students of St. Aloysius College. The small portable scoreboard is no longer functioning consistently. The old electronic scoreboard on the wall is now simply an eyesore. A new scoreboard would not only greatly enhance the aesthetic appearance of the hall but would also be of huge benefit to all teams that make use of the hall.

We have already raised almost €800 and hope to get assistance.

The Project

Glenmary and the students would greatly benefit from the addition of the scoreboard to its sports facilities. It would allow us to host regional competitions, which would save the costs of travel and accommodation. Furthermore, it would provide the opportunity for the school to generate funds from hall rental and a ‘tuck shop’ during such events for PE equipment.


1 FIBA approved multi-scoreboard (model no: TI-6120):

€3191.85 (inc VAT)