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Why Choose an All-Girls' School?

St. Al’s girls describe their experience at an all-girls’ school as demanding, exciting, and life-changing. Their voices are heard and their accomplishments are numerous. They don’t need to fight for attention or for the opportunities to lead.

They’re encouraged to focus on developing the very best in themselves, while pursuing challenging coursework. Students in all-girl classrooms confidently voice their opinions, ask thought-provoking questions, and embrace new learning experiences and opportunities.

A growing body of research during the past decade has documented what all-girls’ school educators have long understood: All-girls’ schools give young women the best education to succeed in college and the world beyond.

A recent example of this research was published in the Irish Independent who found that ‘All girls schools send more students to universities‘.

St. Aloysius’ College is a school whose tradition of excellence in all-girls’ education dates back to 1939. Our students enjoy not just equal opportunity, but every opportunity. Girls are always at center stage: every student leader, athlete, artist, speaker, and musician at St. Al’s is a girl. We hold our students to the highest expectations, and encourage them to become confident learners, critical thinkers, and self-starters.

As our girls grow and mature, they are challenged to strive for excellence and their personal best, reflect on their learning and take increasing responsibility for this knowledge. Within an environment where the intellectual, spiritual, emotional and social development of each girl is affirmed and developed, individual needs are met, talents are nurtured and diversity of ideas valued.

St. Al’s aims to develop girls who are confident, independent thinkers able to adapt and respond to the challenges throughout their lives.

But we are not alone in realising this, across the world many recognise the values and benefits provided by an all-girls school.

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