Use the portal links below to access specific sections within the school. VSWare is our school administration platform, this allows teachers and parents the ability to monitor and improve the progress of students. Our Stand up for Safety tool allows students and parents to report student welfare issues.

A Le Chéile Trust School
Learning - 1st Year

In St. Al’s we are very proud to be an inclusive school that uses a range of strategies to ensure that every student is able to access the diverse opportunities available. For those students who demonstrate specific subject strength or potential in particular areas of the curriculum, we make sure there is appropriate targets and motivation to challenge them to reach their full potential.

Teachers in St. Aloysius’ College make every effort to be at the cutting edge of new approaches to improving student learning. Our staff is innovative and interested in getting the best from every student. The college is fortunate to have teachers who are highly qualified in their subject areas as well as having experience in a variety of educational specialities.

Students in 1st Year study all subjects in 1st Year before selecting which to follow under the new Junior Cycle curriculum. Under the specifications of the new Junior Cycle, students can take a maximum of 10 subjects for examination in Junior Cycle. To find out more about the new Junior Cycle you can click this link, to find out more about the subjects you may click on each one.

Junior Cycle Programme

Core Subjects

Optional Subjects