Use the portal links below to access specific sections within the school. VSWare is our school administration platform, this allows teachers and parents the ability to monitor and improve the progress of students. Our Stand up for Safety tool allows students and parents to report student welfare issues.

A Le Chéile Trust School
Learning - Academic Focus

In St. Al’s, we recognise every student as an individual with her own talents and motivations and we strive to help each girl to set goals which inspire her to reach her potential. We believe that students achieve more when they are happy within themselves and their environment and so we aim to provide a caring atmosphere, one that makes them feel valued and cared for.

St. Al’s girls perform brilliantly in examinations, but they enrich their performance through their high levels of participation in art, dance, drama, music, sport and charity work. Further opportunities to shine through are provided through a whole host of other activities, clubs and societies. We believe that students benefit greatly from an all-round education and that our girls should be busy, happy and successful.


Past St. Al’s girls – Alouettes,  take up competitive places at the country’s best universities and go on to be leaders in all walks of life. However, it is clear above all else that the strong bonds of friendship which the girls form whilst at school have such an important impact upon who they are in later life.