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A Le Chéile Trust School
Uniform & Dress Code

High standards are set and expected of St. Aloysius’ Students, our uniform should be worn with pride and appropriately for the school day. It should be regarded as a place of work and learning and the regard you place on yourself should be modelled in how the uniform is worn.

6th Year students wear a different colour school jumper, black, to signal to the rest of the school community that they are our senior girls and in the final preparations of beginning to step out into the world.


  • Crested school jumper
  • School Skirt and Trousers
  • White Blouse
  • Crested School Jacket
  • School Fleece
  • School Tights
  • School P.E Tracksuit, Polo Shirt and Hoodie


  • Black Shoes
  • Deck Shoes
  • No trainers (Unless participating in physical education)

Jewellery & Piercings

  • Discreet jewellery can be worn. Only small stud ear-rings to be worn.
  • Students with nasal piercings may only wear a small stud nose-ring.
  • Hoops, drops or bars etc are not permitted on piercings and must be removed before coming to school.


If a member of the teaching staff deems a pupil’s appearance and uniform to be below the expected standard then they have the right to send the pupil to the Deputy Principal who will consult with Principal. Students will receive the opportunity to correct any issues but if cooperation is not forthcoming a student may be asked to remain at home until they can concur with the school rules.

Pupils are expected to comply with this dress code throughout their time in St. Al’s.


When pupils are asked to represent  the school it is expected that they will dress appropriately for these occasions, this may involve wearing a blazer and tie,  examples are:

  • Open evening
  • Parent evening
  • Front of house
  • Debating